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In-flight recommendations (Mehrabad Airport)

1) If you are traveling as a family or as a group and wish to be with other companions, please attend ahead of time at the airport so that the staff can provide you with more facilities and services.

2) Keep your seat belts even when you are in flight.

3) Do not leave your seat during landing until the plane stops completely and the doors open, as you may lose your balance due to sudden braking. When leaving the plane, take note of any personal belongings. Report any missing or found objects at the airport if you leave immediately.

4) On some international flights before landing you will be given cards that will provide the required information in order to facilitate customs clearance and passports.

5) Always carry your international ration card and passport. It is recommended that you carry a few extra personnel photographs and photocopies of your passport and other papers to obtain a temporary passport in the event that your passport is lost by presenting it to the nearest consulate or embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Also note the number and date of issuance of your passenger tickets so you can be followed up immediately if lost.

6) If departing from the runway at the station, return to the aircraft to continue traveling at the designated time. On international flights, if you intend to stay for more than three days at the destination, re-confirm your place of origin return from the airline's office at the place of departure. Failure to re-verify will invalidate the booked ticket.