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Airport Introduction


Iran national airports holding company is a trustee of management, maintenance, Development and equipping 58 airports all over of the country. This company had a structure based on state budget but in recent years its structure becomes as an income-cost structure. In order to make activities profitable, this company decided to study business plan for some of the airports. According to the functional status and the importance and strategic location of Tehran and Consequently it was decided to prepare Mehrabad Airport business plan.

Tehran is the capital of Iran and it is the first populous city of Iran, also the largest government and non-government organizations located in. Therefore it has the special place from the point of passenger attraction. In addition because of tourist attractions and National and international exhibition centers, appropriating solid status. Obviously this solid status puts direct efficacy to the operation and the airport's air traffics. Mehrabad airport by accepting 12 million passenger, is the first airport all over of the country. Also, Prior to the transferring International flights to imam Khomeini international airport, mehrabad airport is the prime location all over the country. Reviews indicates increasing air traffic at Mehrabad Airport.

After discussion about Goals and requirements of Iran national airports company On the one hand and existing Restrictions such as Absence of new , up-to-date and practical master plan for airport on the other hand Budget and time constraints and because of Transferring international flights It was decided The business plan preparing for the Mehrabad airport. With regard to the matters referred the preparation of business plan for mehrabad airport should be start.


Mehrabad International Airport

Tehran Mehrabad International Airport  (IATA: THR, ICAO: OIII), also known as Tehran-Mehrabad, is an airport that serves Tehran, Iran. It was the primary airport of Tehran in both international and domestic passenger traffic but has been replaced by the new Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport for all of its scheduled international traffic.

The airport was first time used as an airfield for aviation club planes in 1938, then after World War II along with becoming internationally recognized by joining Iran civil aviation organization to the ICAO in 1949, the airport also became an air force base.

Newly delivered Republic F-84G Thunder jets (fighter) and Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (trainer) arrived, May 1957 and April 1956, respectively. Iranian Air Force. In 1955 just after construction of first asphalt paved runway a new terminal building (Current Terminal 1) for both international and domestic flights was designed and constructed. Among the designers of the initial modern buildings of the airport was the famous architect William Pereira.

The new Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) was scheduled to open in 2004 with international flights gradually changing from Mehrabad starting with flights to countries bordering the Persian Gulf. After IKA's initial opening in May 2004, due to complications, it was not until the end of 2007 that the plan to move the majority of international flights to the new airport was completed. All international flights have now been moved to IKA

The goal of international Mehrabad airport's Business plan

The main goal of writing this Business plan is to presents recommendation which is navigate the area of essence and the schedule of the investment program for the development of short-term priorities. Business Plan Studies is done to prepare a Short-term investments program for financial investment meanwhile providing a safe, efficient, economic and environmentally secure airport compound and acceptable to society also maintain operational integrity of Mehrabad International Airport.

Achieving these goals requires attention to the following issues:

  • The status of current situation in order to understand the circumstances of Airport facilities services that are currently offered.
  • estimate traffic for a period of 5 years
  • Codification a financial model
  • Analysis of investment projects Based on incoming types and the type of The provided services And its impact on financial conditions


    The comparison between the prospect of Mehrabad International Airport and Market Outlook

    Due to the air traffic growth and increasing airlines, in all periods Mehrabad Airport confront with new requirements. To address these needs and in order to earn, considered significant commercial activities. One of the passenger's needs is the restaurant and Offering food. The other facilities for passengers is Suitable space for car parking area.

    In the field of aviation,To provide new services to Aircraft operators this airport can increase its Earnings.