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Load control

Steps to control the cargo and its delivery and retrieval

1) According to international regulations, each passenger can carry up to 30 kg of freight for free. In case of overload, the passenger has to pay according to the weight of the load and the distance to his destination. Companion luggage is calculated for American passengers in packages. On these routes, the cargo is allowed 2 passengers per pack, provided that the passenger has a confirmed ticket to its final destination in one of the US or Canada countries at most 24 hours after arrival at the midpoint will be accepted for final destination.

2) The maximum freight weight on domestic flights per passenger is 20 kg.

3) If you wish to use special facilities and inexpensive rates, you must send your overload as a non-refund, otherwise your overload will be equal to 1% of the first class ticket rate on the same route. It will be per kilogram of load. Please note that your overload is a loss, as in the event of a possible loss of cargo and luggage, compensation will only be calculated on the basis of the weight stated on the ticket. After weighing the load and making sure that the numbered labels are affixed to your receipt and delivered to you. If your overtime is too high to apply for a non-compulsory discount please contact the airline's freight department before you start your journey.

4) Handbags and other packages you carry with you on board must be as large as the handbag and not exceed the permissible limit.

5) When submitting the ticket and baggage to the reception desk, you must hand the bag or handbag you wish to carry to the booth for viewing so that it can be affixed to a special label on the package, if approved.

6) Items such as knives, razors, scissors, alcohol, and such stuff are non-removable in the cabin handbag. If you carry any of the above mentioned items, put them in the luggage compartment for acceptance.

7) The maximum permissible carrying weight of a handbag is 4 kg and its maximum dimensions are 115 cm.

8) The list of allowed objects with the passenger that can be carried in the cabin if necessary is included in the ticket. Please pay attention to the cautions.

What you need to know about breakable objects:

Note that transportation of liquids, breakable objects, pickles, jams and any materials that cause damage to other packages or aircrafts is not permitted in the carriage of a luggage, and only personal belongings of the passenger are acceptable as a luggage. Pack the above items individually and in tight boxes to be shipped with standard packing through the cargo section. Make sure the delivery packages are safe. If your package is ruptured or broken during delivery, a special label will be affixed by the airline authorities that you will not be entitled to claim damages at the time of delivery. Note that you cannot place breakable objects or containers containing liquids in your garments. Don't put your worthy papers, valuables, jewelry and more in your garbage bin.

At destination remember:

Do not confuse baggage and other items when receiving your belongings. Sometimes, the apparent similarity of luggage causes confusion and confusion. To avoid this, match the luggage receipt number affixed to your ticket to the luggage tag number. If you encounter a loss of weight, damage or missing your suitcase, report to the contracting authority or contractor staff before leaving the lounge to proceed with follow-up. If you do not see your package in the landing area of the airport, before leaving the lounge, notify the relevant airline's liaison office to take action to search for and track your luggage or package. If the above property is lost, it will not be liable