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Mehrabad Airport currently has four terminals accommodating about 18 million passengers annually in collaboration with 15 domestic airlines. Mehrabad has 5 passenger car parks with a capacity of 7,000 stands and about 10 companies are providing passenger services in cooperation with some of the brands of clothing and apparel and domestic and foreign services in the Mehrabad terminals.

Mehrabad has a flight guard tower equipped with Raytheon and Aria radars and with two bands and a taxi its main flight activity. It also has safety cat 9 with the latest machinery and equipment in the safety and fire department.

East and West aprons of Mehrabad currently have the capacity to accommodate about 50 medium-haul aircraft and three handling companies are responsible for transporting cargo and passengers from terminal to flight levels and vice versa.

Due to the growing trend of air travel demand, in the future prospects until the preparation of Imam Khomeini Airport for accepting some long domestic flights, there is a need for little development and after transferring some domestic flights to the mentioned airport, more opportunity will be available in Mehrabad to operate qualitative developments.

Therefore, redesigning Tehran's Approach space to improve flight safety and reducing environmental pollution, deploying new radar systems, further developing adjacent lands to create an apron, and standardizing flight surfaces by constructing Rapid taxiways, building a second technical building, building a new technical building in the current locations of Terminals 3, 4 and 6, construction of class parking, hotel and passenger service center and establishment of authentic catering and service brands are among the plans to reach the 2022-mega-development perspective of Mehrabad Airport.