How boarding How boarding



Determination of the Boarding Pass for your seat number would be done in the all sales offices and also for controlling the seat number, it could be done in board counter at check-in. Hand over your ticket to the Authorities and then take care of your Boarding pass and your Ticket.

Smoking is forbidden in all domestic and International flights.

Check- in would closed 45 minutes prior to take-off on international flights and 20 minutes in domestic flights. It is recommend At least 3 hours before flight on international flights and 1 hour on domestic to Refer to the airport.

After check-in you are instructed to enter the waiting Salon by showing your passport (on international flights) and Birth certificate and ID card (on domestic flights) to the Control officials if necessary.

In order to maintain the safety of flights, the final inspection will be done. It is the last step of the Airport formalities and before entering to the waiting Salon.

In order to maintain the safety of the flights all of your Accessories in this part will be inspected. After that you will enter to the waiting salon which at this step Flight information will call your flight number and destination by speakers and you will be redirected for boarding to the plane.  In the last step, When leaving the exit gates To regain control of your flight documents Airline officials From the airport services will separate a part of your boarding card and the remaining part will be offering you in order to Flight Attendants to Help you for finding your seat.


Hope you comfortable and safe flying