Commercial and non-commercial places Commercial and non-commercial places

Commercial and non-commercial places

1- Complex of commercial and advertising spaces, places, services, etc. According to the law on the transfer and evacuation of places and locations of national airports and its executive by-law to natural and legal persons through direct request or holding a marketing call or auction. An income contract is concluded and generally includes:

 Various integrated stores, restaurants, buffet and coffee shops, ATMs, bank branches, billboards, billboards, airline offices, hotel offices, car parking and more

2. The non-commercial spaces of Mehrabad Airport are places that are provided by government agencies or agencies whose existence is required by law at the airport, such as: Corps, Police, Customs, Quarantine, Army, Information Protection, Affairs Foreign, Presidency, Terminal Management, Security and more

3- Table of Measurement of Commercial and Non-Commercial Locations Based in Terminals and Outside Terminals of Mehrabad Airport

Business premises 99,500 m

Non-commercial premises 61.375 m