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How to board a plane

In-flight seat assignments are performed at all airline sales offices and at check-in at the airport's airline. Hand out your ticket to the authorities to determine your seat number and get a boarding pass, and then take care of protecting your boarding pass. Please sit in the designated seat inside the aircraft.

 Smoking is prohibited in all domestic and international flights, after all.

The departure time for foreign passengers is 45 minutes before departure and 30 minutes before domestic flights. So, we recommend arriving at the airport at least 3 hours on international flights and one hour before flying on domestic flights.

After completing ticket control and getting a boarding pass, bring your ticket and boarding pass along with your passport (on international flights) as well as ID or ID card (on domestic flights on request) to the lounge.

The final inspection is to ensure the safety of the flights. In the last stage of the airport control procedures and before entering the lounge, the final inspection is in place.

In order to keep the flight safe, all of your accessories are inspected here. You will then be expected to enter the lounge at this point with the flight number and destination announced via the speakers to board the aircraft. At the last step, just before leaving the exit doors for boarding, the airline officials cut part of the boarding pass and submit the other part of the pass to you, according to which, the flight attendants will provide you with necessary information and guide you to your seat.

Hoping for a comfortable and safe flight for you.