Air line head-offce address Air line head-offce address

Airlines headquarters
Office Address Phone
Iran Air Mehrabad Airport, the airline headquarters of the Islamic Republic of Iran 66023988
the 46622204th
Iran Air Tours Motahari, a crossroads Mofateh, No. 111 88733400-5
the sky Karaj Special Road, after Ekbatan, Mehrabad airport 61,101
ninety-one thousand and sixty-one
Caspian Martyr Beheshti, the bed, the beginning of Sabounchi, Building 5, Floor 5 88751690-92
Kish Air Ekbatan, the main boulevard of the town (Phase 1), opposite the railway stadium, next to the alley Babak, building Kish Air 44665222-23
Saha Ayatollah Saeedi, Karaj old road, before the petrol station, left The 66695683rd
ambassadors Vali Asr Avenue, the higher the victory, Esfandiar Blvd., No. 44 88793116-20
Mahan Sheikh Fazlullah Nuri highway intersections and freeway side (opposite the old toll), Azadegan Street, No. 21, Mahan Tower 44069960-6
Message Shariati Street gunner, Issue 3 88763045-9
Faraz Qeshm Gandhi, the eleventh alley No. 17 888776012-13
Witness Tohid Square, street banner, next to Unity Center, No. 51 floors 2 6435228
Austria Doctor Beheshti St. exalted (Sea of ​​Light) (2) Integrated Light Sea 88738701
Alitalia Argentina Square, to the north of the Commercial Bank Building, second floor 88700356-7
Aeroflot Professor Nejatollahi, Number 23 88808480
Air France Vali Asr Avenue, opposite Mellat Park, Tower shadow 2nd floor 22044498
Taftan Air Hafte-Tir Square, Bahar Shiraz No. 85 77533503
British Airways Vali Asr Avenue, opposite Mellat Park, Tower 10th floor shadow 22,044,552
the 22041959th
Py.y. O (Pakistan) Professor Nejatollahi over Iran Air, No. 66 8808253-7
Turkish Airways Motahari, between sea and mountains, light light, Issue 239 8874450-2
888 732 072
Japan Airlines Revolution, a professor save Allah, (9) 88808217-19
Swiss Air Argentina Square, Street Beyhaqi, in front of citizens No. 23, the third ring right 88735412-13
Syria Professor Nejatollahi martyr Fallah St., No. 11 88895584-5
K. El. I (Netherlands) Age, opposite Mellat Park, corner of Shadow, Shadow Tower, Floor 12 22044757
Lufthansa Doctor Beheshti St. tall, light-Sea (20) 88738760
Kuwait Professor save Allah, (86) 88,808,802th
the 88,808,661th
Emirates Age, opposite tavanir, No. 12/11 88796786-90
Airline SAS Sohrevardi, Street doctor martyr mellitus, end Paliz, Building No. 139, 2nd Floor, Unit 5 88517381-82
ARM Air Revolution Square, Azadi Street, the School of Veterinary Medicine Kaveh market 66944080