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Prohibited objects

Notable to Dear Passengers

In order to ensure the safety of the passengers as well as their comfort, the following objects are prohibited from being carried inside the aircraft. Therefore, to expedite the inspection process, deliver the mentioned items to the Cargo Section or Prohibited Objects Bureau.

Variety of firearms

Includes: military weapons - hunting rifles – shotgun.

Note: It also includes toy weapons that are very similar to real weapons.

Cold weapon types

Includes: sword - sticker - stone knife - knife types - carpet razor - surgical razor - scissors - boxing blades and other similar objects.


Includes: Cartridges - Grenades - Explosives such as TNT - C4 - Dynamite - Explosives Stolen Explosives - Explosive Gunpowder

All kinds of sprays

Includes: Tear gas - Pepper - Toxic and anesthetic

Instant materials

Includes: Gasoline - Liquid Gas Capsules