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The History of Mehrabad International Airport

The main name of this area or the main name of Mehrabad village was "Hossein Abad" until it became part of the Esmat al-Dawlah's Dowry which was subsequently named "Mehrabad". But later on, because of the overwhelming expenses of her family, Mehrabad was taken out of the family's possession, and her lawsuit with Reza Khan was futile. She subsequently was so offended by the relatives' reluctance that she withdrew from Mehrabad. Shortly afterwards, in one of the days of the year 1918, and at the end of World War I, the people of Tehran for the first saw a plane flying over the sky. The aircraft was shipped from Russia by car to Russia via the Anzali Port and, after boarding the aircraft, was flown over by a Russian pilot over Tehran at a low altitude. There was no special place as an airport in Tehran, and the pilot landed at Tehran's Foreign Ministry Building Area (Mashq Square).

Years later, following the rapid development of the aviation industry, Iran's patent law was granted to the German Junkers in February 1926, and 22 years later, after the establishment of the Pilots Club with 20 aircraft in 1937, virtually Mehrabad Airport was founded. In 1944, the first group of Air Force pilots were sent to the United States, after which the Air Force started operating in 1946 by T.86 and F.33 aircrafts in Mehrabad and began flight operations. The growth of Iran's aviation technology and ICAO membership has led to the increasing growth of the passenger and cargo aviation industry at Iran's Central Airport (Mehrabad)